Advance preparation

Start using the Teaching License Course portfolio

To start the Teaching License Course portfolio, first create an organization and register the students and teachers.

The registration method is as follows;

The first step

When you log in to WebClass as the Log viewer administrator, the [Log Viewer]> [Management] link will be displayed on the left menu. Click it.

If the link does not appear, please check with other administrators or contact DATA PACIFIC (JAPAN) LTD.

Set the organization and members

First set up the organization and members (advisors and students) who will use the Teaching License Course portfolio. They can be added in CSV format from "Organization Import" in the Organization Management screen.

organization management

When adding a new organization, CVS file looks as below; Enter the WebClass user ID after the role name. In the example below, the student’s role name is "student" and the advisor’s role name is "teaching instructor".

organization_name role_name

Class A





Teaching instructor


Class B





Teaching instructor


Set the plug-in for the Teaching License Course portfolio

  1. Add plug-ins for teaching license course portfolio to your organization. From the organization tree in the left of the screen, select the organization added by CSV, and open the screen of the organization.

  2. Click “plug-in”. Click the [Add] button, select a teaching record, and then click [Add].

    add plugin
    kyosyoku plugin
  3. Set the authority. Open [Settings] tab and start setting referring to the example below.


When the authority to "own and fill in your portfolio" is turned on, you will be treated as a student. When the authority to “fill in the advisor field of the assigned user” is turned on, you will be treated as an advisor.

The advisor field includes [Comment by the instructing teacher of the teaching license course] and [Edit setting] in “Activity report” portfolio and “Self-assessment of necessary skills” portfolio. <<<


  1. What happens if a student belongs to more than one organization and uses the teaching license course portfolio?

    The student will write in one portfolio even if he belongs to more than one organization.