Assign medical records to students

The portfolio administrator needs to specify the portfolio used by the student from the registered portfolios.

  1. Open the portfolio (management) screen according to the procedure in Register the portfolio.

    shugaku carte admin
  2. On the left side of the screen, the organization for which you have set the authority for the portfolio is displayed. Select an organization and click.

    shugaku carte admin organizations
  3. The following will be displayed in the right of the screen. Click the [Set Portfolio] button.

    set carte
  4. From the registered portfolios, you can select the portfolio to be assigned to the student. After selecting, click the [Register Selected Portfolio] button.

    select register carte
  5. Now, students and advisors belonging to this organization can use the assigned portfolio.

This portfolio will be available not only to the organization that assigned the portfolio, but also to its subordinate organizations. If you want to use the same portfolio in more than one organization, you can create the upper organization and assign the portfolio there, so you do not have to set it up.