Set the editable period for the portfolio

The advisor sets the editable period of the portfolio. Students can edit their portfolios during the editing period. The procedure to set the editing period is as follows.

  1. Open the Reflective portfolio (management) screen according to the procedure in Register the portfolio.

  2. On the left side of the screen, the organization for which you have set the authority for the portfolio is displayed. Select an organization and click.

    shugaku carte admin organizations
  3. The following screen is displayed on the right of the screen. Select the portfolio for which you want to set the editing period.

    select carte
  4. The students who have been assigned the portfolio in the organization are listed. Let this student be able to edit the chart. Click the [Edit period setting] button.

    edit period setting
  5. Set the editing period.

    edit period
    1. Select the card for which you want to set the editing period.

    2. Enter the editing period。

    3. Select “All in the search results”

    4. Click the [Batch Setup] button to complete the setup.

You can also set it to always be editable regardless of the editing period. For details, see the section on “How to make the portfolio”.