Advance preparation

Flow of operation

The following roles are involved in the operation of study records.

Role name Operation

Log Viewer administrator

Set the authority from the Log viewer management screen, so that everyone involved in the Reflective portfolio can access the screen.

Reflective Portfolio administrator

Create the portfolio from XML and pass it to the students.


Check what the student has wrote in the portfolio, and fill in the advice and rating.


Write in the personal portfolio.

This is just an example. Depending on the way of setting permissions, some roles may be used concurrently, or there may not be a certain person in the first place. Settings will be changed according to the operation.

The flow from preparation to operation is as follows.

  1. Preparation for operation start: Set up authority
    The Log viewer administrator sets the authority from the Log viewer management screen, and allows everyone involved to access the Reflective portfolio screen.
    Setting method is explained in the Authority setting.

  2. Set the portfolio.
    The Reflective portfolio administrator decides the contents of the portfolio to be used.

  3. The adviser sets the editing period.
    The adviser sets the period for which the student edits the medical record.

  4. The students write in the portfolio.
    The Students write in their portfolio their skills and what they have learned.

  5. The adviser comments.
    The adviser gives advice and evaluation to the student’s writing.

Authority setting

The Log viewer administrator needs to set the authority from the Log viewer management screen so that everyone involved can access the Reflective portfolio screen. For this purpose, create an organization and set up permissions.

The following is an example of the minimum configuration that can be operated.

organization member
  • Create an organization for the Reflective portfolio.

  • Assign different roles to the Reflective portfolio administrator, the adviser and the students.

The following is an example of authority setting.

Authority name Reflective portfolio administrator Adviser Student

Own a personal portfolio

View user’s portfolio

Give advices to users

Change user’s edit settings

Send messages to users

Set the portfolio

For specific operations of organization registration and authority setting, refer to “Set authority” section in the Log viewer administrator manual.

List of authorities

List of authorities that can be set in the reflective portfolio plug-in.

Authority Description Effect of authority

Own a personal portfolio

A portfolio is assigned to the user in “Assign portfolio to student”. The user is authorized to edit it as the personal portfolio.

When the portfolio is assigned, the link to the portfolio will be displayed on the screen after login.

View user’s portfolio

Allowed to view the portfolio of the users in the same organization who have authority to "Own a personal portfolio".

The link to the portfolio screen will be displayed after login.

Give advices to the user

Allowed to comment in the user’s portfolio. "Adviser" in the portfolio XML is a user with this permission.

The link to the portfolio screen will be displayed after login.

Change user’s edit settings

Allowed to set the period for the user to be able to edit the portfolio. The user can see all cards even though it’s hidden.

The [Set editing period] button will be displayed when the portfolio is open.
Edit setting is possible in the student’s portfolio screen.

Send messages to the user

Allowed to send messages to the users.

The [send message] button is displayed when the portfolio is open.

Set the portfolio

Allowed to register/set the portfolio.

The link to the Reflective portfolio screen will be displayed after login.
The link “Setting” will be displayed in the Reflective portfolio screen.

Manage external public URLs

External public URLs can be set in bulk。The External Public URL is a feature that allows you to publish a student’s medical record with a password to those without a WebClass account.

After opening the organization, the [Create External Public URL] button and [Confirm/Update External Public URL] button will appear on the screen.
external login management