Log viewer

Log viewer is a WebClass feature that collects learning history and university activity data accumulated in the WebClass, and visualizes the results in a form suitable for looking back at the results.

The course activity status feature provides feedback to teachers and students of data and deliverable accumulated in classes.

In addition, Log viewer is designed to be able to provide extended features that meet the needs, including linking with other systems. This extension is called a "plug-in" in Log viewer. Plug-ins can add methods of receiving and visualizing new information. There is a free “teaching license course portfolio plug-in” that provides a standard template for teaching license course.

To start using the plug-in, you need to set the permission.

In future, more data can be viewed and analyzed as more plug-ins will be developed. For example, specially developed plug-ins include “activity recording plug-in” that records events occurring in daily life under different themes by using the smartphone, “target setting plug-in” that facilitates target setting and reflection. There is also "achievement evaluation plug-in" that evaluates the achievement based on the acquired academic credits. Please contact the support desk (wcsupport@datapacific.co.jp) for consultation regarding plug-in development.