Firefox 73


Firefox Desktop Browser 73 was released on the 11th Feb.

Firefox release schedules

Firefox release calendar

Firefox 73

Mozilla provides two release notes. One is for users and the other is for developers.

Firefox 73 release note

A page zoom preference was addes. W can set a default zoom rate for reading every web page with offered zoom rate. And it is improved to read web pages with background images in High Contrast Mode on Windows 10.

Firefox 73 release note for developers

The release note for developers lists news and changes on APIs or developer tools that may be used by web contents developers or firefox plugin developes.

You can get overview of the new release changes and prepare to manage influence on WebClass functions or your learning materials.

Pickup for webclass

I think there is nothing special to do for using WebClass with new firefox.

Edge 80


Microsft Edge 80 was released for Windows and MacOS in last weekend.

Edge on my mac was updated automatically by Microsoft AutoUpdate that check updates of not only Edge but also other MS apps. like MS word, excel, power point and so on.

I'm looking for a page that explain what's new on Edge 80. I expected that each release that count up major version number publishes corresponding release note. But I've not found that yet. Are the changes as same as Chrome 80?

I will keep conitnue to research how MS Edge is.

Chrome 80


Chrome for Desktop 80 was released on the 5th Feb.

Release schedules of Chrome browser

You can see the schedules below.

Chrome 80

You can see the release notes of chrome browser. Remember you should find the title of "Stable Channel Update for Desktop" because the other product channel's one is also listed.

When it comes to the release note of Chrome 80, here is a url.

Acording to the page above, there are few text about functional changes instead of a number of security fixes.

For developer, here is a index page of reports about Chrome 80.

Then, this is a new in chrome 80.

This is a report about JavaScript engine changes.

This is a CSS/JS Platform API changes.

This is a report about the removed or deprecated things.

Some new limitations for pageloading with javascript were added inChrome 80. When a page is being closed, window open function or syncronus XMLHttpRequest will not work.

Pickup for webclass

Acording to the release notes, I think there are nothing special of changes to prepare for using webclass.