Chrome for Desktop 79 was released yesterday.

This release includes a fix of the problem that we couldn't print out correct screen image of webclass text marterials, question materials and so on.

Release schedules of Chrome browser

You can see the schedules below.


You can see the release notes of chrome browser. Remember you should find the title of"Stable Channel Update for Desktop" because the other product channel's one is also listed.

When it comes to the release note of Chrome 79, here is a url.

Acording to the page above, there are few text about functional changes instead of a number of security fixes.

For developer, here is a index page of reports about Chrome 79.

Then, this is a new in chrome 79.

This is a report about JavaScript engine changes.

This is a CSS/JS Platform API changes.

This is a report about the removed or deprecated things.

The developer tools improved.

Pickup for webclass

Acording to the release notes, I think there are nothing special of changes to prepare for using webclass.

I'd like to let you know that the problem on printing pages impremented with frame has been fixed.


The articles said that the network tab on Chrome DevTools was updated.

We can check the reason of blocked cookie and requested network resources. That sounds great. I'll try to use.